Monday, June 26, 2017
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Maritime Security

Somali pirates suspected of hijacking ship after long layoff, expert says

Somali pirates.Somali pirates are suspected of hijacking a Sri Lankan-flagged fuel freighter that sent a distress call, turned off its tracking system and altered course for the Somali coast, a piracy expert said on Tuesday.


Have mechanical problems cut short Drakensberg’s Op Copper deployment?

Mechanical problems for SAS DrakensbergThe SA Navy’s supply and replenishment vessel, SAS Drakensberg (A301), is in harbour in Pemba, Mozambique and unable to proceed with Operation Copper anti-piracy duties apparently due to mechanical problems.

Escalation in ship attacks pushes Yemen towards starvation

A WFP ship.Cruise missiles, floating mines and a remote-controlled boat have been deployed to attack ships in Yemen in recent months, changing the dynamic of the two-year-old war and pushing the country closer to famine, shipping and aid officials say.

Maritime legal seminar held in Mogadishu

A maritime workshop in Somalia.On 1 March Somali Prosecutors and Maritime Police Officers concluded a three-day Maritime Legal Seminar in Mogadishu organized by EUCAP Somalia in cooperation with EU NAVFOR Atalanta.

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