Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Maritime Security

UK maritime personnel train the Libyan Coastguard

altUK Armed Forces personnel will today begin operations to help train the Libyan Coastguard, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed.

EU to continue Libyan coast guard training after attack on migrants

Libyan coast guard personnel.The European Union will go ahead with training for the Libyan coast guard this week, days after a coast guard vessel allegedly attacked a boat carrying migrants, causing four of them to drown.

Fulfilling the promise of the Lomé maritime summit

A fishing vessel in Senegalese waters.A groundbreaking new maritime document, which has been considered and discussed at the highest level, has the potential to truly boost the protection of Africa’s coasts and seas and to create healthy and sustainable blue economies.

Libya naval forces deny charges of attack on migrant boat

A Libyan naval vessel.Libyan naval forces have denied accusations by a rescue organisation that one of their crew had attacked a migrant boat packed with around 150 people, causing many to fall into the sea and at least four to drown.

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