Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Maritime Security

ISS: Fighting rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

An anti-piracy exercise in the Seychelles.‘The Gulf of Guinea, which has been Africa’s main maritime piracy hotspot since 2011, could become the world's most piracy-affected area.’ This was a key observation made by American and African experts at a workshop organised by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies in Abidjan from 14 to 17 February.

Maritime crime up in the Gulf of Guinea

A Ghanaian sailor.There was a significant increase in maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea during 2016 compared to 2015, according to a new report, which notes there were 49 attacks at sea last year compared to 20 the year before.

Indian Ocean piracy under control but Yemeni conflict a danger to shipping

The HSV 2 was attacked off Yemen.There were no instances of piracy in the Indian Ocean in 2016, but the civil war in Yemen poses a danger to shipping in the area, with several attacks against ships last year.

Belgian Alsation dog is essential crew member of French warship

French sniffer dog in the MediterraneanA highly trained four-year-old Malinois dog is a specialist crew member of the French light frigate FS Commandant Ducuing currently deployed in the Mediterranean Sea as part of EUNavFor Sophia.

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