Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Maritime Security

Somali pirates flee hijacked Indian dhow, taking crew

Somali pirates.Somali security forces rescued a hijacked Indian cargo dhow on Monday, but pirates took the 11-member crew with them when they fled to land, authorities said.


Chinese, Indian navies stop suspected Somali pirate attack

Chinese and India navies combine to stop pirate attackA Chinese navy ship supported by an Indian navy helicopter thwarted an attack on a Tuvalu-flagged merchant ship by suspected Somali pirates, India's defence ministry said.


ISS: US and West Africa join forces on maritime security

A maritime exercise off West Africa.This year’s US-led Obangame Express, a military exercise designed to help countries along the western coast of Africa counter illicit sea-based activity, ended last week with a symposium in Abidjan. Ivorian Navy captain Yeman Sran Achille said the annual training event, which dates back to 2011, showed the United States (US) Navy’s commitment in the Gulf of Guinea.

Libya coastguard clashes with suspected smugglers

Libyan coastguard, smuggler clashFour suspected migrant smugglers were killed in an exchange of fire with coastguards off Libya's western coast, coastguard spokesman Ayoub Qasem said.

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