Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Maritime Security

Asian sailors freed by Somali pirates arrive in Kenya for flights home

Somali pirates.26 Asian sailors freed after more than four years of captivity in a small fishing village in Somalia arrived in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Sunday, ahead of flights home, a maritime expert said.

Nigeria’s new OPV makes port call at Simon’s Town

New Nigerian OPV ports in Simon's TownSimon’s Town yesterday welcomed the newest addition to the Nigerian navy fleet when NNS Unity ported at SA Navy fleet headquarters.

Cautious optimism as latest analysis shows reduction of maritime crime across traditional hot spots

Cautious optimism regarding piracy from DryadThe Gulf of Guinea, south-east Asia and the Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) have all seen a significant reduction of reported maritime crime throughout July, August and September of this year according to the latest Q3 analysis released by Dryad Maritime.


Navy OPV to take up Op Copper duties later this month

Offshore patrol vessel to take up Op Copper dutiesThe Southern African Development Community (SADC) anti-piracy tasking in the Mozambique Channel has been totally reliant on intelligence for more than a month now but a SA Navy offshore patrol vessel (OPV) is scheduled to take up Operation Copper duties later this month.


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