Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Maritime Security

Yemen's Houthis target coalition warship, agency reports

Ships at sea.The armed Houthi movement and their foes in Yemen's civil war, the Saudi-led coalition, on Saturday gave conflicting accounts of a Houthi attempt to attack shipping in the Red Sea port of al-Mokha.

Pirates strike off Nigeria

Pirates have struck off Nigeria.Pirates have kidnapped five sailors from the vessel of a Polish company off the Nigerian coast, including three crewmembers from Morocco.

Technology a force multiplier for African maritime security

Maritime surveillance and patrol aircraft.Growing maritime threats off Africa’s coastline and new offshore oil and gas finds are driving the need for better maritime security while the drop in the oil price means securing oil and gas supplies is more important than ever as there is less margin for loss.


Belgium should take frigate out of migration mission off Libya

The Belgian frigate BNS Louise-Marie.Belgium should withdraw its frigate from an EU mission to break up human trafficking networks near Libya because the presence of such vessels encouraged migrants to make the perilous journey across the central Mediterranean, the migration minister said.


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