Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Maritime Security

Final Ocean Shield flight undertaken by Royal Danish Air Force

Final Ocean Shield air sortieLast week saw a detachment of 20 Royal Danish Air Force officers and enlisted service members fly their Challenger CL-604 from the Seychelles for the final time on an Operation Ocean Shield sortie.

NATO ends Ocean Shield

NATO halts Ocean ShieldNATO has ended its Indian Ocean counter-piracy mission after a sharp fall in attacks, the alliance said, as it shifts resources to deterring Russia in the Black Sea and people smugglers in the Mediterranean.

Ships more at risk after first Somali pirate attack in years – officials

Ships at risk off Somalia following attackMerchant vessels using busy shipping lanes between Somalia and Yemen may be underestimating the risk of piracy and terrorism following two attempted attacks last month, maritime officials say.


Pirates hit chemical tanker off Somalia

Somali pirates.A chemical tanker has been attached by suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia in the first such incident in more than two years.

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