Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Maritime Security

EU Navfor thwarts pirate attack

A Spanish boarding team aboard the MV Costina.The European Union Naval Force (EU Navfor) warship ESPS Galicia has prevented a merchant ship, MT Costina, from being pirated by armed men off the east coast of Somalia.


Somali forces clash with pirates, free Indian ship crew

Pirates clash with Somali security forces over Indian dhowSomali security forces clashed with pirates and freed nine seamen kidnapped on an Indian cargo ship earlier this month, officials said.

Somali security forces capture 10 pirates

Somali security forces arrest piratesSomali forces surrounded pirates holding hostages taken from an Indian ship and secured the surrender of 10 members of the gang. They then enlisted the parents of the other three to persuade them to give up, officials said.

Somali pirates flee hijacked Indian dhow, taking crew

Somali pirates.Somali security forces rescued a hijacked Indian cargo dhow on Monday, but pirates took the 11-member crew with them when they fled to land, authorities said.


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