Friday, January 20, 2017
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Maritime Security

Pirates hit chemical tanker off Somalia

Somali pirates.A chemical tanker has been attached by suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia in the first such incident in more than two years.

Boat carrying explosives attacked gas tanker off Yemen

Yemen tanker attackUnknown assailants who opened fire on a gas tanker last week off the coast of Yemen were also carrying a "substantial amount of explosives", the vessel's owner said and a maritime source said it may have been an attempted suicide attack.

UK maritime personnel train the Libyan Coastguard

altUK Armed Forces personnel will today begin operations to help train the Libyan Coastguard, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed.

EU to continue Libyan coast guard training after attack on migrants

Libyan coast guard personnel.The European Union will go ahead with training for the Libyan coast guard this week, days after a coast guard vessel allegedly attacked a boat carrying migrants, causing four of them to drown.

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