Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Maritime Security

European training of Seychelles Coast Guard, Police and Air Force concludes

EUCAP Nestor training in the Seychelles has concluded.The training missions carried out by EUCAP Nestor in the Seychelles have come to a close. On Friday Head of Mission Etienne de Poncins attended the closing ceremonies of training programmes for the Maritime Police Patrol Unit (MPPU), the Seychelles Air Force (SAF) and Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG).

SA signs new Benguela Current pact

Environmental Affairs minister Edna Molewa.South Africa has signed and adopted the new Benguela Current Commission (BCC) with Angola and Namibia, which will see the three countries work together in marine conservation matters.

Is Ghana becoming a piracy hot spot?

A Somali pirate.Two recent attacks have raised concerns that Ghana could be turning into a hot spot for piracy and armed robbery at sea, the Institute for Security Studies Africa has warned.

Piracy still a threat – maritime security union

A security guard scans for pirate activity.In spite of a global drop in maritime piracy, the threat still remains, especially off West Africa and sporadically off the Horn of Africa, according to the World MarSec Union.

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