Wednesday, May 06, 2015
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Maritime Security

U.S. Navy starts to accompany U.S. ships passing through Strait of Hormuz

A US Navy warship.U.S. Navy ships started accompanying U.S.-flagged commercial vessels passing through the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, seeking to ensure freedom of navigation two days after Iran seized a cargo ship, U.S. defence officials said.

Maersk insists on release of ship and crew seized by Iran

A Maersk container ship.Denmark's Maersk shipping said on Thursday it insisted on the release of a vessel and crew seized by Iran, adding it assumed the incident was related to a 2005 court case over uncollected cargo.

Italy Navy takes back control of fishing boat seized near Libya

An Italian warship.Italian navy personnel on Friday boarded a Sicilian fishing boat and took custody of a Libyan soldier on board after the vessel was seized overnight off the coast of the North African state, the defence ministry said.

Italian fishing boat seized near Libya, apparently by pirates

altA Sicilian fishing boat with seven people on board was seized overnight in an apparent act of piracy 40 miles from the coast of Libya, a trade association said on Friday.

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