Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Maritime Security

EUCAP Nestor launches second Seychelles Coast Guard training course

Seychelles Coast Guard training.The capacity building mission EUCAP Nestor has started training 21 new Seychelles Coast Guard personnel.

EUCAP Nestor finishes training Somali personnel

Somali maritime personnel.On 16 September, the European Union’s Maritime Capacity Building Mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean, EUCAP Nestor, celebrated the successful completion of two training courses for participants from different Somali regions, together with Somali, Djiboutian and International partners.

Somali Coast Guard personnel trained by NATO ship off the coast of Somalia

Somali Coast Guard members.On October 12 and 13, Task Force 508 of NATO’s counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield conducted training with Somali Coast Guard personnel. The training took place off the coast of the town of Hobyo, and marks the first time Somali maritime forces have been trained in their territorial waters.

German contribution to Operation Atalanta continues

German frigate replaces replenishment vessel in EUNavFor fleetThe German Navy supply ship FGS Berlin has departed EUNavFor’s Operation Atalanta and is replaced by the frigate, FGS Lubeck.

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