Thursday, November 26, 2015
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Maritime Security

Piracy incidents down but vigilance must be maintained – IMB

Somali pirates.According to the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre “only one incident of an actual attack” was reported from the Gulf of Guinea for the third quarter of this year with the disclaimer that “the real number is believed to be considerably higher”.

Somali pirates hijack Iranian fishing vessel with 15 crew, says official

Somali pirates.Somali pirates have hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel with 15 crew members, a Somali official and a maritime expert said on Monday amid warnings that piracy might be making a comeback in the Indian Ocean.

ISS: How can Senegal combat illegal fishing?

altThe Senegalese coastline is one of Africa’s richest fishing grounds. Generations of communities have depended on fishing to make a living, but more recently, these once-abundant stocks have attracted a spate of illegal activities.

Dutch vessel HDMS Absalon trains Somaliland Coast Guard

Somaliland Coast Guard members undergoing training.This week 22 soldiers from the Somaliland Coast Guard boarded a small vessel in the culmination of their maritime training executed by the HDMS Absalon in support of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield in collaboration with European Union capacity building mission EUCAP Nestor.

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