Thursday, November 15, 2018
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SA Defence

SANDF says two suspects arrested for theft of weapons from Simon’s Town

Two suspects arrested in connection with Nay arms theftMilitary Police and the Hawks have arrested two suspects in connection with last weekend’s theft of arms and ammunitions from the SA Navy Armament Depot (SANAD) in Simon’s Town.

Arms theft apparently only the tip of the iceberg at Naval Base Simon’s Town

altThe situation at Naval Base Simon’s Town is critical and an investigation, in the interests of every dedicated sailor – and South Africa – is overdue, according to the Chief Whip of the Western Cape provincial parliament, who was reacting to the theft of arms and ammunition from the base.

Burglary at Navy armament depot in Simon’s Town

Burglary at Navy armament depotThe SA Navy’s armament depot at fleet headquarters in Simon’s Town has been robbed of what the national defence force’s corporate communications director said is “various types of military equipment”.

Army Chief wants an “Africanised” system for the Reserve Force

Africanised Reserve Force comingThe man at the head of the SA Army, the largest component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) and also the largest Reserve Force component, Lieutenant General Lindile Yam, wants to see a new Africanised Reserve Service System in place.

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