Saturday, July 21, 2018
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First phase of Project Teamster almost done

A Teamster kitchen.The first phase of Project Teamster, for 15 person field cooking units for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is almost complete, while contract negotiations are underway for the second phase, for 50 and the 200 man field kitchen systems.

OTT Solutions in 2016 was awarded the contract to supply the 15 person field cooking units in partnership with Desert Wolf and will finish all 158 of the 15 person units this year, probably around November.

Desert Wolf's Hennie Kieser told defenceWeb that the hundredth unit was recently delivered to the SANDF and within two months all deliveries will have been completed and the field kitchens delivered into store.

The second phase of Teamster will see the acquisition of larger 50-200 person field kitchens. Saab has been shortlisted for the contract and has been in negotiations with state procurement agency Armscor for a number of months. Desert Wolf, as a subcontractor, will supply the diesel fired stoves, ovens and boiling pans for these units.

Armscor previously awarded Saab the deployable cold chain component of Teamster, for refrigeration and storage units. The contract was awarded to Saab in March 2016 and covers 12 refrigeration units and 65 insulated containers.

Project Teamster is to replace the mobile field kitchen capability of the SANDF, with field kitchens to enter service by 2017/18. Gas-fired stoves are being replaced by diesel fired units. Further contracts are expected, for a mess facility for serving 200 people.

Desert Wolf has also supplied field kitchens to Namibia and Botswana.

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