Monday, May 21, 2018
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Denel targets world's top defence show

Denel will extend its marketing drive into European markets next week through its participation in the DSEI 2017, in London.

Denel will extend its marketing drive into European markets next week through its participation in the world's leading defence and technology exhibition, DSEI 2017, in London.

The London show follows on Denel's participation in a similar exhibition in Poland, and forms part of the company's drive to expand its presence in key export markets. Denel is currently marketing products in at least eight Western and Central European countries, including Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy and Romania.

The Defence and Security Equipment International – DSEI – show will attract more than 35 000 defence decision-makers, heads of armed services and industry representatives to the London Docklands. The biennial event is the largest defence exhibition in the world and is accompanied by a number of international conferences and seminars.

"This is a prime opportunity for Denel to display its products, know-how and proficiencies to a wide range of defence decision-makers," says Zwelakhe Ntshepe, acting group chief executive. "Our exhibition will have a strong focus on our landward defence and infantry support systems.

"Many of these countries are currently modernising their armed forces and reassessing their future defence requirements to meet the challenges of a changing geopolitical environment. Denel is confident that it has tried and tested products that can penetrate these important markets," he says.

The most prominent features at the Denel exhibition will be models of its best-known products in the field of landward defence, armoured vehicles and infantry weapons. These include:

* The GI-30 rapid-fire CamGun on mount – able to fire up to 100 rounds a minute with an effective range of 4 000 metres.
* Variants of the Casspir mine-protected vehicle, which offers superior protection against landmines and ordnance and widely used by peace-keeping and humanitarian services.
* Machine guns and anti-materiel rifles manufactured by Denel Land Systems, including the DMG-5 and SS77 machine guns and the NTW 20mm rifle.
* Mine-protected vehicles manufactured by Denel Vehicle Systems and deployed in both the defence and the civilian protection industries.
* The PAW-20 personal assault weapon and various ammunition ranges produced by Denel PMP.
* The PTV transport vehicle designed by LMT Holdings and used to transport high-risk prisoners and high-value assets.

"Denel is one of the leading defence companies in the southern hemisphere and we are going to DSEI2017 to show European clients that our products can also meet their changing security needs," says Ntshepe.

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