Friday, May 25, 2018
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European observatory on migrant smuggling and human trafficking launched

EU migrant and human trafficking observatoryOn Tuesday (July 4) this week the European Union’s EUNavFor Med launched the first European observatory on migrant smuggling and human trafficking in Rome.

The new observatory will, according to a statement, systematically collect, analyse and report on data regarding irregular migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

Using computer analysis techniques, the project will provide support with identifying and eventually prosecuting individuals and criminal organisations involved. This includes the Italian prosecutors working under the co-ordination of the Direzione Nazionale Antimafia.

Overall the aim of the observatory is to enhance the efforts of those involved in addressing the many criminal aspects of the irregular migration phenomenon.

EUNavFor MED Op SOPHIA is the first to establish this system, but it is expected to spread to other European partners and international entities as the project develops.