Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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SVI develops new Max armoured vehicle

The SVI Max armoured personnel carrier.SVI Engineering has completed development of its new Max armoured personnel carrier, which has unique features such as a single-piece curved windscreen and large windows for greater situational awareness.

According to Jaco de Kock, Director at SVI, development began around 18 months ago and has recently been completed, with the vehicle ready to go to market. SVI is already showing it to select customers and has had some interest in the vehicle.

The Max was designed as a high quality yet cost effective vehicle primarily for the African continent, de Kock told defenceWeb. He said many African customers buy sub-standard vehicles that are not suitable for military use, but the Max is aimed at the more cost conscious end of the market while offering first world components. “The whole intention is to give a good quality product for the African continent at prices they are used to paying.”

Benny Jiyane, Executive Director at SVI, said the Max is aimed not just at the military but the police and security markets as well. One of the company’s first priorities is the South African market – as SVI is a 51% black-owned company it’s BEE status counts favourably in the South African market.

According to SVI, the vehicle has a ‘revolutionary’ five door layout with rear suicide doors, automatically folding rear door, flat floor and folding seats. Its large glass areas with a curved windscreen allows for excellent situational awareness and comfort, SVI said. The Max features the only curved single piece armoured windscreen in the armoured personnel carrier market. It was developed jointly by American Glass Products (AGP) and SVI.

The vehicle uses an Axletech suspension system, Allison automatic gearbox with six forward and one reverse gear and Cummins engine developing 177 kW, giving a top speed of 110 km/h. It features Stanag 4569 AEP 55 Level 3A/3B landmine protection using a V-shaped hull, which de Kock says is comparable to the protection levels on much bigger vehicles. Ballistic protection is to Stanag Level 1, but can be upgraded. The vehicle seats seven people in addition to the driver.

One of the Max’s unique features is its use of a complete CAN bus system, which allows for a completely digital dashboard – everything is displayed on LCD screens as there are no physical gauges. The CAN bus system also makes it easy to replace and upgrade components.

altThe Max weights 6 500 kg empty and has a 3 000 kg payload. It is 6.4 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 2.6 metres high with a wheelbase of 3.6 metres and ground clearance of 38 cm. 

Several different versions will be available, including ambulance, police, SWAT, peacekeeping, military, command, pickup and mortar. The pickup, mortar and command versions are six-wheeled variants. Weapons turrets can be fitted onto the different models, as well as equipment such as an IED clearance arm.

“The Max APC’s design is based on the basic principles of protection that SVI has successfully implemented in a range of vehicles in the past 12 years,” the company said. SVI specialises in mechanical engineering, product development and manufacturing and protected vehicles with an emphasis on making vehicles for the niche market.

The company has produced armoured civilian vehicles, armoured luxury vehicles, remanufactured military and police vehicles, cash in transit vehicles, water cannons, gun ports, guard houses and towers. It has designed and qualified over ten vehicle models.

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