Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Truvelo delivers single largest rifle order

A Truvelo Lapua rifle. Truvelo photo. Truvelo Manufacturers recently completed a record order for 300 counter measures sniper (CMS) rifles, which was the single largest in the company’s history.

The company said the order was shipped in two consignments of 150 rifles each and was completed during the second half of 2016.

“The Truvelo CMS series of sniper rifles have been increasing in popularity within various military and law enforcement circles worldwide since its inception. This is mainly due to the very unique design of the rifle, as well as the wide range of calibres available,” said Elardus de Lang, Truvelo Technical Support and International Sales Manager.

“The 300 rifles, chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum, confirms the popularity of this calibre in the anti-personnel application,” de Lang said. “Customers have reported accuracy with match factory ammunition below half minute of angle in this calibre, and this has also been confirmed numerous times by in-house testing at the factory’s test range using various rifles fresh off the production line.”

The CMS 338 Lapua is a bolt action rifle with a five round magazine. It weighs 7 kg with a magazine and telescope and has an effective range of around 1 800 metres and accuracy of more than one minute of angle at 500 metres, depending on ammunition.

“With regard to anti-materiel rifles, our rifles chambered in 20x42 mm are really turning heads due to its compact size, precision, as well as payload ability. For longer range engagements, the 14.5x114 mm as well as the 20x110 mm Hispano are also rapidly gaining the interest of specialised units,” de Lang said.

At the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition in September 2016 Truvelo displayed its new CMS 20x42 anti-material rifle, which uses subsonic 20x42 mm ammunition developed by Denel PMP and has an effective range of 1 000 metres. Truvelo says it is capable of delivering a “devastating payload” due to the variety of ammunition available, from practice rounds to semi-armour piercing high explosive incendiary (SAPHEI). The bolt action weapon has a relatively compact length of 980 mm (or 700 mm folded) and weight of 11.5 kg, including telescope and five round magazine. A silencer, monopod, night vision system and thermal imaging are optional extras.

“The 20x42mm rifle is really drawing international interest at the moment due to its unique weapons system platform. We are in the process of further refinements which will make this weapon system even more lucrative,” de Lang said.

Truvelo said that it will be launching new calibres in the very near future as part of its constant innovation process. At AAD last year the company said it was currently looking at new developments using extreme long range, high energy 20 mm anti-material rounds.

Truvelo’s CMS stable includes the CMS 6.5x47 mm, CMS 7.62x51 mm, CMS 338 Lapua, CMS 12.7x99 mm and CMS 14.5x114 mm as well as the CMS 20x110 mm Hispano.