Friday, December 15, 2017
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Alaris Antennas experiences unprecedented success with DF-A0037

The DF-A0037 is a vehicle and marine-based direction-finding antenna solution suitable for rugged applications.

altAlaris Antennas has identified a current and future all-encompassing antenna solution in the DF-A0037. Since the introduction of this product into the world, Alaris has had unprecedented success with the product. The DF-A0037 is a vehicle and marine-based direction-finding antenna solution.

The DF-A0037 is a wideband DF antenna suitable for rugged applications. Based on the more portable DF-A0029 product, the rugged version features upgraded mechanical and environmental features to improve performance when mounted on a vehicle.alt

The antenna has a loop array for good DF performance at low frequencies where the phase size of the array is small, and two pentagonal arrays for the middle and high frequency ranges. Secondary pentagonal arrays of dipoles and monopoles provide good omni-directional antennas up to 3.6GHz when appropriately combined. An HF whip on top of the antenna provides a sensitive omni-output for this band.

A decagonal cylindrical cavity inside the antenna, approximately 350mm wide x 370mm high, allows switching, amplification and RF processing to be integrated into the antenna, reducing cable loss and weight.

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