Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Navantia welcomes you to NAVDEX in Abu Dhabi

The Spanish shipbuilder will showcase its capabilities and products through the use of models, photographs and explicative panels.

Navantia, the Spanish shipbuilder, is a world reference in the design, construction and integration of a wide range of naval ships, giving an integral service that covers the entire life cycle, from design to life cycle support.

It is also engaged in the design and manufacture of command and control systems, gun fire control systems, integrated communications systems, integrated platform management systems (IPMS) and propulsion plants, including the through-life support for all of its products. Even though its main line of activity is in the naval field, Navantia also designs and manufactures port surveillance and security systems and air defence and artillery forward observer systems for the army.

Navantia offers integral solutions to its clients, as it has the capacity to assume responsibility for any naval program and flexibility to adapt to each client requirements, delivering reliable low risk solutions all around the world.

Navantia has the capability to design, build and deliver the most technologically advanced ships. It is to highlight the experience of Navantia in recent years as a world leader in the design and construction of frigates.

As a strategic market for Navantia, it is participating in several tenders in the Persian Gulf region, co-operating with local partners and offering well proven and client customised solutions for each programme.

Navantia's stand at NAVDEX showcases the capabilities and products of the company, through the use of impressive models, photographs and explicative panels. Special mention is made to the AVANTE family of patrol, multipurpose and combatant vessels and to the ALFA family of light frigates, in order to answer to the growing interest of this class of ships in the area. The portfolio is completed with amphibious vessels designs (LHD, LPD, LCM).

Navantia welcomes you to booth B057.

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