Saturday, May 26, 2018
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DCD opens new doors to local market

The forged product manufacturer expands to new market segments with its recent forging of a large nozzle component weighing over three tons.

altLeading seamless forged product manufacturer DCD Ringrollers is expanding into new market segments with its recent forging of a large nozzle component weighing over three tons.

"With a height of 850mm, this forging is the largest of 43 components ordered by a South African customer for a pressure vessel application," said DCD Ringrollers executive director Dion Booyens. "Once again, pushing the boundaries on behalf of our customers."

Booyens said DCD was able to meet the pricing requirements of the customer in quoting on these components, and expected to now be able to participate more assertively in the local markets for these and similar components.

"With this exciting achievement under our belt, we now look forward to the prospect of forging other components – such as even larger and heavier nozzles, bushes, rolls and pinions," he said. "In particular, we are in a position to manufacture a larger range for markets where pressure vessels are in use and heavy section nozzles are required." The company's manufacturing facility at Vereeniging in Gauteng province boasts a 35 000 ton annual production capacity and is equipped with the latest automated forging equipment from leading German and Italian suppliers.

Plant on site includes three forge presses, two ring mills, CNC vertical borers, and heat treatment facilities for austenising, normalising, tempering, annealing and polymer quenching. The strongest 3 500 ton press is capable of both open and semi-closed forging, and the ring mills capacity ranges from 200mm to 4 500mm outside diameter. DCD also has automated hardness and ultrasonic testing machines.

Exporting 70% of its manufactured products to more than 40 countries across all continents, the company is accredited by a range of international bodies and client organisations, including ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, RISAS, Deutsche Bahn, Saudi Aramco, CAF and Bombardier, just to name a few.

"As one of the largest forging companies in the southern hemisphere, we ensure our local and global reputation by applying our advanced technology in innovative ways, and also to fill niche requirements," said Booyens. "Being approved by government agencies and railway authorities all over the world gives customers confidence in our expertise across many other sectors such as mining, petrochemical, nuclear, wind energy, civils and materials handling."

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