Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Planners put final touches on Exercise Unified Focus 2017 in Cameroon

Soldiers in Cameroon.Military planners from the U.S., Cameroon and seven other African and European nations met in Cameroon between 6 and 9 February to finish the planning and preparation for the inaugural U.S. Army Africa-led exercise Unified Focus 2017, scheduled to take place in April.

UF17 is a tabletop exercise that brings the military partners of the Lake Chad Basin Commission’s Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) together to practice joint planning and coordination through a series of vignettes.

Cameroonian Maj. Gen. Saly Mohamadou, Commander of the 2nd Military Region and senior host for the planning event, reminded everyone that the purpose of UF17 was to enable participants to counter the violence of extremist organizations like those operating in the Lake Chad Basin area.

“I'd like to take this opportunity to reiterate Cameroon's dedication to counterterrorism,” Saly said. “We would like to represent everyone's fight against terrorism in this exercise.”

“We salute everyone's efforts in counterterrorism, including the United States,” said Saly. “It's a multinational effort led by the United States to fight terrorism, especially against Boko Haram.”

In addition to members of the U.S. and Cameroonian military, planners also represented Benin, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy.

“All of the nations involved in the MNJTF are integral in this fight. Your efforts are appreciated by our population. All of the efforts from all the nations represented here today show the determination of all the countries against terrorism and against violence. It's this synergy that created the MNJTF,” said Saly.

“It is because of these efforts from the MNJTF and all these nations that U.S. Africa Command got involved and decided to create Unified Focus 2017,” said Saly.

“This tabletop exercise was created by AFRICOM to specifically focus on the Lake Chad Basin region,” said Brig. Gen. Kenneth Moore, U.S. Army Africa deputy commanding general and Army Reserve Engagement Cell chief. “The exercise will provide realistic training scenarios to a group of military personnel as well as civilian personnel from Cameroon, Chad, Benin, Nigeria and Niger.”

USARAF was tasked by AFRICOM to lead the planning and execution of UF17 to enhance partner nations’ capabilities in the Lake Chad Basin area to support the MNJTF.

The vignettes planned for the tabletop exercise focus on the counter Boko Haram operations of the MNJTF with an additional focus on regional security and stability. Each of the vignettes requires participants to consider civilian concerns and interagency coordination.

“This exercise is incredibly important for the prosperity, the security and cooperation of our nations. That includes the organizations that are participating as well: Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), all our non-governmental organization partners, and the U.S. State Department,” Moore said.

Final planning event attendees also included representatives from the Center for Civilians in Conflict, the Africa Union and the International Committee of the Red Cross, said Moore.

“The objective is to reinforce the coordination between all nations for a positive result. The coordination between nations and between MNJTF sectors is a very important factor in its success,” said Saly.

Planners representing the various military and civilian organizations provided final inputs to the vignettes throughout the week. Then they chose one of the scenarios and broke into multinational and interagency work groups to discuss the vignette just as the exercise participants will in April.

Results from these discussions allowed planners to put the finishing details into the scenarios and identify any issues prior to the exercise.

“I'm very excited that we were able to finalize our plans for the exercise this week,” said Maj. Aaron Smith, who serves with the U.S. Embassy Yaounde office of security cooperation.

“It's together that we can ensure a lasting peace for the region. As Ambassador [Michael] Hoza likes to say ‘we march on together,’” said Smith.

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