Saturday, May 26, 2018
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BMP Poland loses €520 000 in fake Ugandan military procurement deal

A T-72 main battle tank.Polish defence company BMP Poland was swindled out of €520 000 after paying 'consultancy fees' to a Ugandan conman who approached the company and offered to buy a wide range of military equipment on behalf of the Ugandan People's Defence Force (UPDF).

According to the Kampala-based New Vision, Ugandan police have arrested Sam Kansiime, who misrepresented himself and his company, Prima Investments Uganda, as representatives of the UPDF when he signed up for the supply of 375 tanks specified as T-54, T-55,T-72 and T-90.

The early 2015 order, which the accused backed up with a faked UPDF public call for tender, also included 150 PT-76 and BMP Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). In addition, the tender documents, purportedly signed by one Brigadier General Akello Okuta, said the UPDF needed 46 'Ferret' and 'Eland' vehicles suited for reconnaissance duties.

Altogether, BMP Poland agreed to supply the UPDF with equipment worth $120 million of equipment including body armour, anti-riot equipment and six ATMOS-2000 155 mm self-propelled artillery systems. UPDF Military Intelligence is reportedly probing allegations that Kansiime was acting on behalf of a swindling network led by an army brigadier and other high ranking military officials.

Although UPDF spokesman Colonel Paddy Ankunda denied the reports, New Vision published the excerpts of a letter written by BMP Poland showing that in 2015, the company had appointed Kansiime and Prima Investments Uganda as an attorney for the purpose of facilitating the Ugandan arms procurement bid.

“This is to confirm that we, BMP Poland Z.o.o, having registered office at Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, 00-697 Warsaw, Poland, whose record is duly kept in the National Court Register under number KRS 0000449852 kept by Warsaw Regional Court, XII Commercial Section, hereby make Mr Sam Kansiime, the CEO of Prima Investments Uganda holder passport No. BO483242 to be our true and lawful attorney,” Marek Celer, CEO of BMP Poland, wrote in a letter dated August 26, 2015.


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