Sunday, May 27, 2018
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CSANDF New Year message

Shoke New Year messageSA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief General Solly Shoke has urged all in the force to maintain and further improve their standards of professional conduct, discipline and patriotism in 2016.
In his New Year message Shoke exhorts those under his command to uphold the SANDF’s most critical attribute that of being a professional and disciplined national defence force for the people of South Africa.

He also points out that 2016 will bring both opportunities and challenges to the South African military.

“We will face these head on with confidence. Working together we shall rise to the challenges and fly our flag high,” he said.

Shoke said the men and women in uniform in the four arms of the SANDF gave “dedicated and selfless service” in 2015 which was invaluable in keeping South Africa safe and secure but warned there were increasing threats the country had to face.

As far as South Africa’s contribution to peacekeeping and peace support was concerned Shoke said the professionalism and discipline of South African airmen, medics, sailors and soldiers made “a praiseworthy difference” serving other people through peace support missions.

He also made mention of SANDF compatriots who paid the ultimate price in 2015.

“They put their lives at risk to save others, irrespective of nationality or race and I pay tribute to those SANDF members who paid the ultimate price. Their sacrifices were not in vain, they will be matched by those still serving as well as future generations,” he said.

In concluding his New Year message Shoke expressed sincere thanks to “every member of every rank for loyal and devoted service” as well as their families who, he said, supported them devotedly.

Company News

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