Friday, January 18, 2019
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Mechem’s ambulances in UN service in Somalia

UN using Mechem ambulances in SomaliaThree mine-protected ambulances manufactured by Denel Mechem are already in successful service with the UN in Somalia.

The wide-body vehicles based on Mechem’s Casspir armoured personnel carrier were delivered in July and have been deployed in support of UN and African Union Amisom forces in Somalia.

Mechem general manager Ashley Williams said the ambulances are fully equipped to treat any emergency and operational casualties. The vehicles can each accommodate four stretchers and two sitting patients plus two medics.

The new wide-bodied design is a significant improvement on previous versions which could only carry two lying and one sitting patient. It is based on the new generation Casspir NG 2000 which has a more powerful engine and uses better quality steel for protection. The ambulance, which is on display at the Denel stand at the 2014 Africa Defence and Aerospace Exhibition in Tshwane, can withstand a blast of 21kg TNT under a wheel and a 14kg blast under the hull.

Williams sees the ambulance as an important addition to the Casspir family of vehicles which also includes infantry, cargo, command-and-control and recovery variants.

The advantage to users is it shares the same drivetrains simplifying maintenance and repair and reducing operational costs. Specialised versions can also be manufactured to meet the requirements of customers.