Thursday, January 17, 2019
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South African sighting system for Colombian Army

South African sighting system for ColombiaSouth African defence company Rippel Effect Systems has landed an order for its IGS-4S targeting and sighting system in Colombia.

According to the Colombian defence force website that country’s armed forces have opted for the Rippel Effect IGS-4S for its EE-9 Cascavel armoured combat vehicles.

This follows the Colombian Army Armour Directorate’s drive to improve the capabilities of its combat vehicles. Rippel Effect is a well-known 40mm weapon system supplier, including innovative sighting systems for these weapons. According to chief executive, Dr Fritz Visser, the IGS-4S (licensed from South African firm Vision 24 Observation Systems) is a new product Rippel has successfully brought to market within 18 months.

“It is a cost-effective high-tech solution for defence forces wishing to modernise older military vehicles and extend the useful life of equipment,” Visser said.

According to the Colombian website, 53 vehicles will initially be modernised with the targeting technology “affording efficient assistance to frontline units, whose task is to safeguard national sovereignty”.

The model selected by Colombia is the IGS-4S compact video sighting system can be utilised in conjunction with various vehicle-mounted weapons in calibres ranging from 7,62mm to 125mm. The system provides the operator with a 24/7 below-armour observation and ranging capability and to fire the weapon in all weather conditions, low visibility and darkness.

Rippel Effect said the IGS-4S accommodates multiple sensors tailored to suit user requirements and weapon choice. As a single system it is pre-programmed with ballistic aiming marks for any weapon and the various types of ammunition for the selected weapon.

According to the website (in Spanish), the IGS-4S has the additional ability to range distance to target. It has a laser rangefinder, day camera, uncooled thermal imaging and multi-function screen, which displays aim points and system parameters, as well as controls for the thermal camera.

The system is optimised for installation in small vehicles where space is of prime consideration. It requires only minimal modification for installation. Designed to accommodate multiple sensors, the IGS-4S selected by Colombia incorporates the modern pre-programmed ballistic calculation system for the 90mm cannon of the EE-9 Cascavel.

Rippel Effect Systems is the OEM for the successful XRGL40 extended range 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher now exported to numerous countries around the world. Designed as a true multi-role weapon system, it combines a modern weapon weighing less than 5kg with the GR40 smart multi-velocity sight, enabling the individual soldier to engage a variety of targets in different operational theatres at ranges up to 800m. The lightweight, compact GR40 electronic programmable sight allows the soldier to fire 40mm ammunition with different ballistic profiles from the same weapon - both 40x46mm low-velocity and 40x51mm medium-velocity grenades and also the latest less-lethal rounds.

DefenceWeb recently reported on Rippel Effect’s agreement with German company Diehl Defence to jointly market the Rippel Effect 40mm grenade launchers. Diehl and Rippel Effect Systems (RES) will qualify Diehl’s 40mm medium-velocity ammunition for Rippel Effect’s XRGL40 and UBL40 grenade launchers, according to Diehl Defence.