Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Fact file: Regiment Northern Transvaal

RNT is one of the more recent reserve units, being formed in 1963 and coming into service in January 1964. By May 1969 the regiment was large enough to form two battalions, 1RNT and 2RNT. In those days 1RNT was an armoured unit, part of 16 Armoured Brigade and later 81 Armoured Brigade.

In 1975 the RNT converted to a mechanised infantry regiment. Its first operational deployment – to Namibia – came in 1976. The RNT stayed involved in that conflict to the end, taking part in Operations Moduler, Hooper and Packer in 1987-8. It was also deployed for urban counterinsurgency.

In 2005, Sergeant MS Seloane deployed with 7SAI to the Democratic Republic of Congo, making him among the first South African reservists to serve as a peacekeeper. A major and warrant officer deployed with Regiment de la Rey to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006.

Current role: Mechanised infantry
Current base: Pretoria
Battle honours:
Motto: Ons sal (We shall)


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