Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Fact file: Kimberley Regiment

The regiment was formed in 1899 from the Diamond Fields Horse and the Kimberley Rifles. In 1907 it absorbed the Diamond Fields Artillery and after World War One the Kimberley Light Horse and Kimberley Mounted Corps. In 1913 it became the 13th Infantry, Active Citizen Force, almost at once altered to 7th Infantry, ACF.
The regiment sent two battalions to German South West Africa in 1915. During World War Two, the unit served with the 6th SA Armoured Division after being amalgamated with the Rand Light Infantry for the duration.

Current role: Light infantry.
Current base: Kimberley, Northern Cape
Battle honours:
  • 9th Frontier War1
  • Gaika-Gcaleka 1877 - 1878
  • Griqualand West 1878
  • Basutoland 1880 - 1881
  • Transkei 1880 - 1881
  • Bechuanaland 1896 - 1897
  • Defence of Kimberley
  • South Africa 1899 - 1902
  • South West Africa 1915


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