Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Schöultz takes the helm at the fleet

Rear Admiral (R Adm) Phillip Schöultz has taken command of the operational Navy as Flag Officer Fleet. He succeeded R Adm Robert “Rusty” Higgs on Friday. Higgs has been appointed Chief Naval Staff. Schöultz was until last month Chief Director (CD) Operations at the Joint Operations Division (J Ops) of the South African National Defence Force.

Schöultz is, in turn, succeeded at J Ops by Maj Gen Barney Hlatshwayo, the GOC Operational Headquarters at J Ops, who is succeeded by Maj Gen Duma Mdutyana, since August last year deputy force commander of the hybrid United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

The new appointments are two of a series announced last month and in October. Other notable senior appointments include Major General (Maj Gen) H. Bhembe as General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Command and Management Information System and Brigadier General (Brig Gen) M. R. Notshweleka as CD Defence Acquisition in the Defence Materiel Division of the Departmen of Defence. Notshweleka was also promoted to the substantive rank of Maj Gen with effect from November 1.

Also appointed was Maj Gen Jerry Malinga as GOC Air Command, Brig Gen F. Z. Msimang as CD Air Policy and Plan, Brig Gen J. D. Pelser as CD Force Development & Support and Brig Gen T. M. Khumalo CD Force Preparation. Khumalo, Pelser and Msimang were also promoted Maj Gen. At the Military Policy Agency Colonel T. S. Buhali (SAAF) was appointed Provost Marshal of the SANDF and promoted Brig Gen. Col N. L. Mzongwana was appointed Director Air Transport and Maritime System and Col I. S. Ferreira (SAAF) was appointed Director Helicopter System. Both were promoted Brig Gen.

In the Defence Matériel Division, Col G. H. Assink (SA Army) was appointed and placed to a vacant post of Director Common Weapons System Acquisition and promoted to substantive rank of Brig Gen and R Adm (JG) J. C. Visser (SA Navy) was laterally placed in the post of Director Technology Development with effect from January 1.

Elsewhere, R Adm (JG) P. T. Duze (SA Navy) was appointed GOC South African National War College and R Adm (JG) L. Van Vuuren (SA Navy) GOC Defence Inst and S College with effect from January 1.

In the South African Army Brig Gen N. Yengeni was appointed GOC SA Army Intelligence Formation with effect from November 1. Lt Col A.S. Nziweni was appointed as Officer Commanding (OC) 3 SAI and promoted to the substantive rank of Colonel. Col L.K. Mbatha was appointed as OC SA Army Gymnasium.

In the South African Air Force, Lt Col A.H. Kitley was appointed as OC Air Force Base (AFB) Durban and promoted to the rank Col. Lt Col S. Vaaiboom was appointed as OC 3 Air Servicing Unit (ASU) and promoted to the substantive rank of Col. Col P.E. Venter was appointed as OC Lowveld Air Control Sector, Col J.E. Crous OC Air Force Mobile Deployment Wing, Col C.M. Make OC 1 ASU, Col L. Ramchuran OC 5 ASU and Col N. Dube OC 60 Squadron. Dube is to be utilised at 21 Squadron. Lt Col K. Moonsamy was appointed as OC Air Force Gymnasium and promoted to the substantive rank of Col.

In the Navy, Captain (SAN) M.A. Boucher was appointed OC SAS Spioenkop,while Commander J.A. Mbotho was appointed OC SAS Mendi, both Valour-class frigates, and promoted to the substantive rank of Captain (SAN).

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