Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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BAE Systems announces RG34

BAE Systems has acquired the South African designed and developed Iguana light armoured vehicle and will rebrand it the RG34. 



The vehicle will be marketed to military, peace-keeping and security authorities globally. 



Iguana was developed by IADSA under contract from Sabiex in Belgium. BAE Systems acquired the intellectual property from Sabiex under an agreement for an undisclosed amount, signed earlier this week. 


BAE Systems` Land Systems South Africa MD Johan Steyn says the acquisition of the armoured vehicle is consistent with the company`s strategy to develop its South African market capabilities.


BAE Systems will continue to develop the RG34 to further enhance its operational versatility and appeal.


"Growing our business organically and through acquisitions is a vital strategy for us.  Acquiring a mature, light armoured vehicle such as the RG34 to compliment our product range, is an important step that will provide additional growth opportunities for the South African business," says Steyn.


The company will display the RG34 at the defenceWeb Peacekeeping Conference at Gallagher Estates in Midrand tomorrow.


One of the RG34`s unique features is its specially designed, multi-link hydro-pneumatic suspension, which is mounted on a very rigid structure.  This provides the vehicle with excellent road performance, a small turning circle and comfortable clearance over humps.  


As is the case with most of the other members of the RG family of vehicles, the RG34 is mine-resistant, having undergone extensive mine-blast tests and verifications. 


The vehicle is suitable for multi purpose light operations such as reconnaissance, patrol, command and control and specialist support (e.g. ambulance), light armour combat (weapon platforms and armoured personnel carrier) and security.


BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa`s recent export success with its RG products has established the Benoni-based company as one of the world`s leading supplier of mine-resistant and armour proof vehicles.  Its products are in service with numerous military, peace-keeping, police and public security authorities across the globe. 


The other vehicles in the family are the RG12, RG31, RG32 and RG33.


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