Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Science & Defence Technology

DNA kit set to boost fight against wildlife crime

A cheetah.The Department of Environmental Affairs has launched a DNA barcoding kit to help officials to combat wildlife crime.


CSIR looking to expand passive radar testing

A passive radar system.The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) aims to expand its pioneering passive radar research over the next few years and add more receivers to its network.


Hypersonic missile nonpropliferation

A hypersonic vehicle.Late last month, Richard H. Speier, George Nacouzi, Carrie A. Lee, Richard M. Moore – researchers from the prestigious RAND Corporation International Security and Defense Policy Centre - published a new report urging the United States to cooperate with China and Russia in order to implement a comprehensive nonproliferation regime regarding hypersonic missiles.


South Africa pushing cyber defence

Cyber defence in South AfricaThe CSIR and Denel have – and are – progressing on various aspects of South Africa’s ability to defend itself from cyberattacks, an area the Department of Defence (DoD) has allocated R72 million to over the medium term.

Safran hopes new fuel-efficient jet engine can reshape air travel

The Safran Open Rotor Engine.French aero engine maker Safran unveiled a new engine prototype on Tuesday that would radically cut fuel consumption, potentially reshaping air travel from 2030.

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