Monday, March 19, 2018
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Border Security

Migrants drown in Aegean Sea

Migrants drown in Aegean SeaSixteen people, including five children, drowned when the small boat they were on capsized in the Aegean Sea, Greek coast guard officials said.

EU to step up Libyan coastguard training

EU Libya coastguard trainingThe European Union wants to rapidly expand training of the Libyan coastguard to stem migrant flows to Italy and reduce deaths at sea, an EU naval mission said, signalling a renewed push to support a force struggling to patrol its own coasts.

Migrant death in Italy shows dire conditions in Libya – aid workers

Migrant death points to harsh conditions in LibyaA 22-year-old Eritrean man died of tuberculosis exacerbated by severe malnutrition after being rescued at sea and brought to Italy, showing how dire conditions are in Libya for migrants, aid workers said.

R400 million worth of illicit goods seized by Revenue Service in 2018

Seized elephant tusks.The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has seized R400 million worth of illicit goods, including drugs and currency, in South Africa and on its borders and points of entry since the beginning of 2018.


Op Corona Eastern Cape gets its first mobility packages

First mobility packages to Eastern CapeTwenty-five more mobility packages in the form of modified Toyota Landcruisers have been handed to soldiers doing border protection duty in the Eastern Cape.

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