Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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National Security

DR Congo soldiers killed

DR Congo soldiers killedAt least a dozen soldiers were killed in Democratic Republic of Congo’s volatile eastern borderlands where the army is battling Ugandan Islamist rebels, Congolese security and diplomatic sources said.

Delta Avengers to attack oil sector – claim

Delta Avengers to attack oiil installationsNigerian militant group Niger Delta Avengers said it will launch attacks on the country’s oil sector in the next few days.

Explosives seized in Ghana

Explosives seized in GhanaPolice in Ghana seized explosives of various kinds in Accra and are holding three men connected to the substances, regional police command said in a statement.

Tripoli’s Mitiga airport closed after fighting

Fighting in Libya sees Mitiga airport closedFierce clashes broke out in Tripoli on Monday, killing at least 20 people, shutting the airport and damaging planes during what government said was a failed attempt to spring militants from a nearby prison.

Four DR Congo soldiers skilled in hit and run attack

DR Congo soldiers killedSuspected militia fighters killed four Congolese soldiers in a hit and run attack on a military post in Kasai-Central province capital, Kananga, UN-funded radio reported.

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