Thursday, September 21, 2017
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National Security

At least 25 killed in South Sudan fighting

South Sudan fightingRebels in South Sudan attacked government forces in Unity State, where oil fields have been abandoned due to fighting, killing 25 people including civilians, a local government official said.

ISS: Is the media giving a voice to terrorists?

Memorial for victims of a London terror attack.It has become an almost weekly ritual. A car driving through a crowd, a knife attack, a bombing and a perpetrator with vague links to a terrorist organisation or their ideology. It’s followed by a statement on social media of a group claiming disputable links to the perpetrator and declaring the attack in the name of an extremist cause.


Biafra separatists sponsored by Nigeria government opponents - claim

Biafra separatistsA Nigerian minister accused government’s political opponents of sponsoring a campaign for secession in south-east Nigeria formerly known as Biafra, where unrest has been rising.

Somali government forces fight each other

Somali government forces fight each otherFighting between military and police backed by intelligence forces killed nine people in the Somali capital, police said.

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